Brooklyns Battle is one of many mental health books that lets you know you are not alone. It was brought to life after three teenagers from the same town were lost to suicide in the three years.  The author wages war against the Beast, anxiety and depression, that threatens to take her daughter, Brooklyn, too.  Brooklyn’s poetry speaks volumes to the agony that millions of teenagers and adults go through daily as they struggle to get help with anxiety and depression.  She is able to express through her words the angst millions feel but are unable to vocalize.  Her poetry shows the spectrum from the dark side of these disorders to the hope that lies within her.  It is her dream that through this book, we can take the shame and stigma away from living with anxiety and depression.
Brooklyn's Battle: A Daughter's War with Anxiety and Depression is Kimberly's big debut. What began as Brooklyn's art therapy through poetry and painting blossomed into a book that will help to remove the stigma of living with these disorders. She's currently working with Brooklyn and others in her community to increase awareness and help others through their battles. We can't wait to see the impact this book will have!

Kimberly and Brooklyn's book offers help with anxiety and depression

Brooklyn's Battle: A Daughter's War with Anxiety and Depression

Kimberly Loveday & Brooklyn Belair share a journey of hope of getting help with anxiety and depression. Read the book review by American Association of Suicidology 

Writtten by  Sharla Barcheers           Click here  for full review.
"Their book offers a touching, easy to read account of Brooklyn’s battle with anxiety and depression, compounded by a diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome. The combined points of view paired with the alternating writing styles of poetry and prose keep the reader easily moving through the book.
Brooklyn’s own poetry throughout the book offers a touching insight to her innermost thoughts. Issues addressed in her work include friendship, family, depression, pain and loss among other hardships that her generation faces daily. Brooklyn holds nothing back, sharing her journey, speaking for many whose voices are often lost in the chaos of teenage life. Her passion for becoming a voice for her generation bravely tears through the stigma and shame often associated with anxiety and depression.
Brooklyn has found healing and hope in various organizations and therapies. She is an artist and author. She has found strength in music and helping others. She and her mother’s passion to make a difference in the lives of other young people is clear. The authors’ candor will appeal to a vast audience, including young people and parents alike."

Read the personal story of how a family survives and thrives in the middle of battling anxiety and depression through faith, dedication, and love.