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Kimberly Loveday and Brooklyn Belair. 

Cover art by Brooklyn Belair  Cover production by Tom Iutzwig, Verity Group

​Brooklyn's Battle: A Daughter's War with Anxiety and Depression

Poetry and Prose by: Brooklyn Belair

Brooklyn chose at a young age to share her story to help others. She spread awareness about anxiety disorder and depression and living with a chronic pain illness. Through Brooklyn's Battle she helps other young adults find their voice. Her poetry shows the spectrum from the dark side of these disorders to the hope that lies within her. Hope is real, and it can get better. She is living a very successful adult life full of love, laughter, and adventures.

Brooklyn's Battle: A Daughter's War with Anxiety and Depression is a story of hope. What began as her daughter, Brooklyn's art therapy of poetry and painting blossomed into a book that will help remove the stigma of living with these disorders. Kimberly tells the story of struggle and hope while living with the anxiety, depression, and a chronic pain illness through the family's eyes as well as her daughter's. She's currently working with Brooklyn and others in her community to increase awareness and help others through their battles. 


Kimberly is an advocate for mental health awareness. Previously a CPA, she happily traded in her 9-to-5 job for a rewarding career as a full-time mother. After seeing the effect suicide had on her community, she brought her daughter's request to publish her poetry to reality with Brooklyn's Battle. Read the personal story of how a family survives and thrives in the midst of battle through faith, dedication, and love.

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