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Kimberly Loveday and Brooklyn Belair. 

Cover art by Brooklyn Belair  Cover production by Tom Iutzwig, Verity Group

​Brooklyn's Battle: A Daughter's War with Anxiety and Depression

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Brooklyn’s Battle: A Daughter’s War with Anxiety and

by: Kimberly Loveday and Brooklyn Belair (self-published, 2013)

Reviewed by: Sharla Barcheers of American Association of Suicidology

     As their home town grieves the loss of a third young person in three years, Kimberly Loveday and Brooklyn Belair, mother and daughter, unite to pen Brooklyn’s Battle: A Daughter’s War with Anxiety and Depression. Their book offers a touching, easy to read account of Brooklyn’s battle with anxiety and depression, compounded by a diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome. The combined points of view paired with the alternating writing styles of poetry and prose keep the reader easily
moving through the book. 

    Ms. Loveday offers insight into the daily challenges a family undertakes to weather the storms and celebrate the victories together. She includes vital chapters covering the impacts on Brooklyn’s younger brother and step-father, various organizations dedicated to saving lives, triggers, etc. The importance of open, honest communication with family, friends, teachers and community is emphasized. Leaning on their Christian faith and close friends provide support for the family.  

    Brooklyn’s own poetry throughout the book offers a touching insight to her innermost thoughts. Issues addressed in her work include friendship, family, depression, pain and loss among other hardships that her generation faces daily. Brooklyn holds nothing back, sharing her journey, speaking for many whose voices are often lost in the chaos of teenage life. Her passion for becoming a voice for her generation bravely tears through the stigma and shame often associated with anxiety and depression.  

    On the surface, Brooklyn has a high school student’s dream life. She is a cheerleader, top student, and is well liked by her peers. She strives to bring a smile to those around her even when she herself is in the midst of a storm. Her battles begin just under the surface. Brooklyn has been bullied and has been betrayed by those she trusted.She battles a life-altering pain syndrome, which has necessitated multiple medical procedures. Anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicidal thoughts are
commonplace in her life. Brooklyn not only takes on these demons, she bravely shares them with the reader along with the reality of how they make her feel.

    Brooklyn has found healing and hope in various organizations and therapies. She is an artist and author. She has found strength in music and helping others. She and her mother’s passion to make a difference in the lives of other young people is clear. The authors’ candor will appeal to a vast audience, including young people and parents alike.